Vacant Wood Street
Plot aquired
BBC Llandaff
closure announced
JUNE 2014
Central Square selected
as winning bid
JULY 2014
The Masterplan commences


OrdnanceS 1

The Story So Far

The revitalisation of the Central Square area has been a long held priority for Cardiff Council. Successful regeneration, however, is rarely delivered unilaterally or by a single entity; it is a collaboration between investors, developers, landowners, local authorities, governments and a whole variety of interest groups from a range of sectors.

The story of the Masterplan begins in September 2013 when the vacant site of the former Planning Department Offices was purchased by Rightacres. The vision for a wider regeneration opportunity across Central Square was soon recognised, and an exciting private/public sector partnership established between Rightacres and Cardiff Council as landowner.

The pieces of the Masterplan began to fall further into place when the BBC invited tenders for a new facility in October 2013. Through a competitve design process, the BBC selected a state of the art new building within a redesigned Central Square as the preferredlocation for their new Media Centre.